Student Voice

At the beginning of term we celebrated the fantastic outcomes Student Voice achieved in 2015-16.  The new undercover outdoor eating area being just one of the many exciting developments directly as a result of the Student Voice Team. Student Voice is a vital part of life at SWCHS and makes a real difference.  It allows an opportunity for students to make their voice heard and to work with staff to make the school even more effective. This term we have been encouraging students to put themselves forward to be a member of one of the Student Voice committees by asking them to complete a manifesto outlining their ideas. It has been excellent to witness democracy in action with the whole school elections in assemblies. All students vote for the ideas presented in anonymous manifestos to elect our Student Voice members form Year 7 -11.

Each of these students will be elected onto one of our three committees: Blue Voice – responsible for Teaching and Learning; Green Voice- responsible for the Environment and links with the community; Purple Voice – responsible for the wellbeing of the students.

Being elected onto one of these committees is a fantastic opportunity for any student. They have trained in skills such as budget management; project management; how to chair a meeting and how to present effectively. An exciting new development for this year is that they have been supported and trained by members of our Sixth Form Student Committee, who have great experience in project management.  In addition to all this training, being a member of a Student Voice committee is a real bonus for students in terms of applications to the sixth form, colleges and C.Vs for employment.