Study Centre

Sixth Form Study Centre

We understand the importance of good resources and the contribution they make to the success of our students, whether they are going on to higher education or employment. At SWCHS, we are proud to be able to offer the following dedicated study facilities to all our students.

The Sixth Form Study Centre is open from 8.00am to 5.45pm most weekdays during term time. We also endeavour to open during key holiday periods, such as Easter and summer half term.

The Study Centre offers two types of working areas: the Library Area and the Group Work Area.

“In Sixth Form, I enjoyed the freedom and ability to work independently.” Natalie Wilson


The Library Area

This is the main study area from which students can access both desktop and laptop computers. The Library is for silent study only and is supervised by a trained member of staff, who can answer general queries and issue books to students.

The Library houses all departmental text books. We stock up-to-date text books for all the courses on offer in the Sixth Form and also display a wide range of further reading material to encourage and support student academic research. Students who wish to embark on an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) can refer to copies of previous student EPQs, for a useful source of information and inspiration.

In addition to our stock of library books, we also hold a wide range of academic journals in the arts and sciences, with current and backlist titles on display.

The Library Area is also a helpful information point for students researching Universities and
Institutions of Higher Education – a bookshelf with university prospectuses is available for reference during the university applications process (UCAS). We also house books on Apprenticeships and Study Skills.


The Group Work Area

This is a study room adjacent to the Library Area. It is for the use of Sixth Formers who need
to work together on coursework or other collaborative academic projects.

During the summer exam season, the Group Work Area becomes a silent work area, for independent revision only.


Study Centre Rules

In both work areas we ask students not to eat food, and to drink only from water bottles with lids. They may use their mobile phones for listening to music (using headphones) but not for texting/making calls etc.