Students Welcome

“Quite simply, I have found being a part of the Sixth Form at SWCHS a brilliant experience. Being able to focus on studying subjects I am really interested in is what makes the Sixth Form so enjoyable for me; it has been a great chance to meet new people with similar passions. However, the Sixth Form is not just an excellent place for academia. With its impressive range of extra-curricular activities and dedicated Elective time, it enables and encourages students to develop their other interests, too. I am currently one of the two Chairs of the Student Union, which carries out a variety of work to help to improve the Sixth Form for all of the students. I also attend various lunchtime clubs, which are a great opportunity to give time to other activities. In my experience, all the teachers at SWCHS and the staff of the Sixth Form team are genuinely willing to help students as best as they can, from giving up their time in order to deliver extra revision sessions and helping with university applications, to coming into school during the holidays to open up the Study Centre. This exceptionally supportive atmosphere enables students to achieve their personal best at SWCHS and enjoy their time in the Sixth Form.”

Adam Langworthy, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Latin

"My studies at the SWCHS Sixth Form have been extremely enjoyable. The teachers and the Sixth Form Collegiate team are the most supportive and friendly group of staff that I've ever come across, and their dedication to every single student is demonstrated continually. If a student has a problem, the 'open door' policy of the Sixth Form Office ensures there's always someone to discuss it with; the teachers are more than happy to give academic or pastoral support at any time. The Study Centre is well stocked with a range of books for all subjects, and provides a focused environment for individual study.

Throughout the Sixth Form, I’ve been exposed to an incredibly high standard of teaching which isn’t limited to the classroom; the Sixth Form provides a multitude of additional resources and opportunities. I have been offered the chance to compete in the Bar Mock Trial and to participate in the Model United Nations Conference, as well as attend numerous lectures both in and out of school. I have found the music facilities here to be remarkable, with a wide range of ensembles to join and an opportunity for everyone to become involved. I have been able to rehearse regularly in Saffron Hall with a variety of school bands. Through the Sixth Form’s Music Academy, I've run a workshop in a local primary school, had a short lesson in conducting from a professional conductor and attended a master class with a professional pianist.

The social aspect of the Sixth Form is also impressive; there’s an abundance of societies and clubs to join, including the Student Committee, the Student Council and Student Union (of which I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the chairs). The Sixth Form provides a motivating and supportive environment, promoting both academic and extracurricular success, which allows students to develop as individuals. I am genuinely grateful for the time I’ve spent here.”

Caitriona Quigley, Maths, Further Maths, Latin, Philosophy, History

“Since starting at SWCHS last September, my initial impressions of a remarkable and academically brilliant Sixth Form have been confirmed. I was welcomed by the friendly and caring nature of the Sixth Form, with staff who are committed to each and every student. I have never been more motivated to achieve my potential, thanks to the outstanding teaching and working environment which SWCHS provides. Not only has SWCHS advanced my desire for academic achievement, it has also expanded my involvement in extra-curricular activities. This year, I was lucky enough to be on the Committee that organised Charities Week – one of the highlights of the school year for both students and teachers. It is an opportunity for the school to come together as one and show that we can produce amazing results. We raised over £12,000 for charity, which proves the dedicated and considerate mind-set of students and staff at SWCHS. I can truly say that I am proud to be a member of the Sixth Form here, and look forward to organising Charities Week next year as Head of the Committee – a role I never thought possible to achieve. I can assure you that SWCHS will allow you to become the best version of yourself. I am honoured to be part of such a successful Sixth Form.”

Nicola Rose, Maths, Religious Studies, Geography, Business Studies

“I have been a student at SWCHS since Year 7, so I didn't hesitate at the chance to continue my studies in such a great learning environment. Starting in the Sixth Form presented me with new and exciting extra-curricular activities, along with the opportunity to study different subjects that I hadn’t encountered before. Politics, Spanish, Sociology and Geography have allowed me to further my previous skills and gain new understanding, which has helped me to decide what I hope to study at university. Starting three new subjects was a daunting task, but my subject teachers, tutor and the Sixth Form Collegiate helped to make these challenges far less intimidating. As a Sixth Former, my relationship with the teachers has altered; I feel they treat us like adults and have high expectations, which I know is good preparation for life after SWCHS.  I took the chance, after years of being part of the audience, to become involved in Charities Week by joining the Committee, and later becoming Vice-Chair of the Committee. This is something that I'm extremely proud of.”

Eleanor Rumsey, Politics, Spanish, Sociology and Geography

“What makes the SWCHS Sixth Form so special is the care and support that students receive from the Collegiate. As a newcomer to the school in Year 12, this is particularly important, as you are adjusting to new surroundings, a different learning environment and unfamiliar subjects. The opportunities this Sixth Form offers are second to none. In the last two years, I have given a presentation to the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, had work experience at Cambridge University and received master classes from world-leading musicians in a world-class hall - all this, whilst studying for my A-Levels. It is this blend of the extra-curricular and academic that makes the students of this Sixth Form best placed to go forwards onto University or into work.”

Luke Lanskey, Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Chemistry

“I was a newcomer to SWCHS; I moved here at the start of Year 12 as I was looking for a change. I met welcoming, fun and inspiring people who represent what this school is really about. The Collegiate team are fantastic; their open door policy means they are always there whenever I need support. Throughout the 6th Form, teachers are dedicated to getting the very best results from their students. They encourage everyone to be themselves as they make the transition from teenagers to young adults. The dedication of the staff to care for the individuals at SWCHS enables a relationship to be created between teachers and students, where both are free to exchange ideas, allowing problems to be quickly identified and solved. The regular tutorials offered by my Form Tutor allowed me to receive personalised guidance. This was paramount when applying to university, as the Sixth Form team were committed giving me the attention and time I needed to perfect my application. Independence is valued at SWCHS, and the Study Centre helps provide this by helping students to access resources that aid studies, both in the classroom and beyond (this is especially useful for adding wider reading to your university application).

The abundance of opportunities provided by the Sixth Form mean there is something here for everyone, whether that be a hobby during Electives, or something specific to develop your personal skills. The school offers a variety of trips abroad for various subjects and some just for fun. For example, there are trips to China, Romania, Estonia, Italy, France and even Iceland. For myself, I became a Subject Mentor and joint Head of the Student Council, which allowed me to evolve as a person by improving my time management, organisational and interpersonal skills. The Student Council focuses on improving the teaching and learning throughout the school, showing that students really are at the forefront of shaping how the school is run. In short, my time at SWCHS has been absolutely amazing. I will never forget it, and I am so glad to have been a part of such a unique community.”