Events and Trips

We believe there is more to life at SWCHS than studying, so each week we set aside Wednesday afternoons for Electives. We don’t think all a student’s education should take place in a classroom, or just involve formal teaching. During Sixth Form, there are plenty of chances for students to go ‘out and about’ and/or to take part in non-academic events. As students will discover, there’s never a dull moment in this Sixth Form!



Trips can be organised by subject departments to support learning – for example, last year the Geographers and Geologists went to Iceland, the Economists to Estonia and the Biologists to Zanzibar. There are trips to support students’ post-SWCHS plans, such as to careers fairs and the regional UCAS and Oxford and Cambridge University conventions. Each year, we also visit a campus university, to give students a feel for what life at university is like and to allow them to make an informed choice about their plans. However, there are also plenty of visits students can join in with, just for the experience. Each year we take an exchange group to rural Romania to stay with families there for a week; every two years we take groups to Chicago and China. Then there is also the school ski trip, not to mention football, rugby and hockey tours…

“Going to Iceland on the geography trip has been my favourite part of Sixth Form…I have never had so much fun. It was amazing!”
Hattie Warr

“School trips are class! Iceland was my favourite.”
Oliver Smith

“The Arran geology trip has been the highlight of my entire year.”
Molly Harper



By far our largest ‘event’ is Charities Week – which is run by the Sixth Form Committee. Each year, over three days, we raise money for a range of charities chosen by students; this is done by organising fun events within the school, accompanied by individual fund raising activities in the same week. It is truly a community event, a time when staff and students work together for a good cause – and all in the name of fun!

Perhaps the most rewarding cause we raise money for is to fund our annual Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party. Again, this is organised by Year 12 Committee members, but many more Sixth Formers attend as hosts. It is a very special night, arguably ‘the best’, as the guests are delighted to be served tea and cakes, enjoy games of bingo and raffles, danced with and led in carol singing, all by SWCHS students. See photo gallery at the bottom of this page (Photos by

Another ‘set piece’ event each year is the 6th Form Ball. This is a formal, ‘dinner dance’ event that takes place in a sumptuous venue away from school and is open to the whole of the Sixth Form.

The final event of Sixth Form at SWCHS is the Leaver’s Lunch. This is another formal event where there are speeches, and students collect their Yearbook. It is then that we say a fond farewell to those leaving Year 13.

Even after students have left, we stay in touch via our Alumni network. We invite our former students back to an Alumni Evening the December after they have left Sixth Form, so they can collect their A-Level certificates and meet up with old friends.

Obviously all whole school events – such as the school play and music events, are also open to Sixth Form. At the end of the school year, students can go off on a Music Tour in Europe if they play/sing in one of the ensembles. However, there are also other 6th Form events that students can organize. In the past we have had Barn Gigs, Fashion Shows and Multi Media evenings, all celebrating the amazing talent in our Sixth Form. We welcome new ideas, and so are always open to students who have suggestions for getting together outside school!

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