In Sixth Form, each day starts with students being registered in P1 or signing in on our FingerTouch System.
All students are expected to be present in school for timetabled lessons (including independent study), electives, tutor times and year briefings. However, to begin with, Year 12 can only leave school at break and lunchtime. This rule is usually relaxed once students have established sensible study habits (usually by the end of the first term). Following the first Progress Check, most Year 12 students enjoy the same privileges as Year 13.
NB:  If students leave the school premises during the school day they must FingerTouch out.
In Sixth Form, all Study Periods should be spent in the Study Centre, Learning Centre, Art Department, Lower School Canteen or Common Room and they must FingerTouch in.
 Absence Action
If a student is unwell
All Sixth Form students are expected to email in to the dedicated Sixth Form email absence address before 8.30am to notify Sixth Form that they are off sick, they must copy in their teachers for that day and their Form Tutor.
Email address for absence:
If a student feels unwell whilst at school
Unwell students should go to the school nurse, who can if necessary give them permission to go home and sign a green absence slip for them.  If the nurse is not available, students should find a member of the Sixth Form Collegiate in the Sixth Form office.
If a student has a known medical or dentist appointment, university visit, driving test (but not driving lesson), wedding, or funeral of close family member
Students should fill in a green planned Absence Form (found on the Study Centre desk).  The form must be authorised by the student’s Form Tutor or a member of the Collegiate.
If a student has a tutorial
Students are allowed to be periodically absent from parts of lessons for tutorials with their tutor. They need to inform their teacher in advance that they will miss some of their lesson.
Amending attendance records
Students with absences on their attendance record will receive notification of this on a fortnightly basis. Students are expected to manage their attendance and contact the Student Liaison Officer if they believe there to be any errors, or to explain any absences.
Students will receive an attendance report each term. 
Sixth Form Tutors monitor each student’s attendance and they will contact home if required.
If a student is late
All Sixth Form students are expected to arrive on time for lessons.  If students are late, they may not be allowed to participate in that lesson but will be expected to catch up on the work missed. 
What is Independent Study?
All students have Independent Study lessons on their timetable. During these lessons, students are expected to FingerTouch in to the Study Centre or the Group Work area. It is important that students develop strong independent study skills in order to be successful at A-Level.